We will work with you to define and resolve any technical or manufacturing challenges that are encountered at any point in the design or production process.

​Our Capabilities

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What is EDM?   

Electrical discharge machining is a process whereby a desired shape is obtained using electrical discharges (sparks). Sometimes referred to as spark machining, types of EDM include Wire, Sinker and Deep Hole Drilling.  EDM allows for high dimensional accuracy (tight tolerances of +/- .0001" (.0025mm) are achievable), along with machining of complex, intricate features in hardened metals that not achievable with CNC mills and lathes.

Why Wire EDM?

The wire EDM process  is ideal for prototyping and production runs of 1 to 50,000 pieces since it requires no wait time for expensive tooling to be built.  We have the software to translate virtually every type of CAD file, and can program your design into the machine and put it into production immediately.

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Because we specialize in holding tight tolerances on EDM fabrication of complex parts from difficult-to-machine materials, our highly-skilled staff of machinists, toolmakers and EDM specialists are available to work with you in determining which materials are best suited to your project requirements.

Located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area, Applegate EDM is a leading provider of wire EDM, sinker EDM and small hole EDM services.  Applegate EDM manufactures high precision metal products to meet all customer requirements using accurate electrical discharge machining equipment.  Applegate's capabilities allow us to take on any size or type of EDM project and deliver it on schedule.  Applegate combines people and technology to provide precision EDM services to die makers, mold builders and part manufacturers throughout the United States.

​​​Why EDM?

Why Sinker EDM?

Sinker EDM is an excellent process for non-conventional machining, tough or hardened tool steel, exotic metals, blind cavities, and slots that are located in areas inaccessible with the conventional machine while achieving a higher finish.

Project/Engineering Assistance

►  Small-to-large production runs
►  Consistency
►  Tight tolerances
►  Performs well with exotic materials
►  Eliminates heat treat distortion
►  Superior burr-free edges
►  Intricate contours
►  Complex shapes
►  Fast turnaround

Why EDM Hole Drilling ?

EDM Hole Drilling is the perfect process for tough or hardened tool steel, exotic metals, blind holes, wire EDM start holes, and cooling holes with sizes ranging from .015" to .188" diameter, in materials up to 24" thick.

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The Cutting Edge in EDM Services

•  Engineering & Design Assistance
•  CNC Machining
•  Precision Manufacturing
•  Production
​•  Die Components
​•  Automatic Threading
•  Large Work Pieces
•  Auxiliary Rotary Spindle EDM
•  File Transfer/Translation
•  CMM Inspection
•  Extrusion Dies
•  Mold Details & Electrodes
•  High Precision
•  Small Wire Diameters
•  ​30+ Degree Taper Angles