Power Generation

"Good Quality Work @ all times."

•  Halliburton Energy Co.
•  Schlumberger
•  Baker-Hughes
Aerospace / Defense
•  Medtronics, Inc.
•  U.T. Southwestern
•  Abbott Labs, Inc.
Electronics / Telecom

"We have received the boxes of parts.  They look great....   I really appreciate you busting through these and getting them back to me so quickly.  I am telling all my friends up here (Wichita, KS) about you guys and I hope this develops into a nice, long-term relationship.   ... I will keep my eyes open for any other EDM work to send your way."

•  Siemens Turbines, Inc.
•  Turbine Services Ltd.
•  Pratt & Whitney
•  Lockheed Martin, Inc.
•  Bell Helicopter
•  SpaceX

What people are saying about Applegate EDM ...

•  Frito Lay, Inc.
•  Wrico Stamping
•  Micro Forms, Inc.

​"Thanks for the parts, the funky wire job worked really well.  I appreciate your help."

•  Caterpillar Global Tool Co.
•  Michelin North America

"I just wanted to let you know that Applegate EDM has been a great asset to us.  You went the extra mile on an urgent tread project.  Though this is nothing new.  I want to take this time to thank you, and let you know that you are doing a fine job for us."

Oil Field
•  Flextronics Co.
•  Raytheon Corporation

We're known by the companies we keep ...

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Metal Stamping

When tight tolerances, high performance, and extraordinary quality are key specifications, we have the solution.  Following are some industries and companies we are proud to have served.