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Wire EDM:  Slots cut to allow for shaft flexibility.

Wire EDM:  Completed with .008" wire, using one pass/cut around die area.

Sinker EDM:  3 side holes in 20" dia. bearing for greasing of inner rollers.

Wire EDM:  extrusion die using .010" wire.

EDM hole drill:  .05" dia. x 15" deep, then Wire EDM.

Wire EDM:  Cut using a .012" dia. wire.  Machined with one program and one complete cut.

Hole drill:  .045" angles holes in Inconel vane.

Here are some examples of the work we have done for others using wire EDM, small hole EDM, and sinker EDM.  Whether it be Aluminum or Zirconium, or anything in between, we can handle all of your metal cutting needs.  AEDM can also handle non-metallic materials that conduct electricity.  If it's conductive, we can cut it!

What can we build for you?

Hole drill:  Ten .090" dia. holes 4.50" deep into Inconel casting within +/- .004". 

Wire EDM:  Three-section assembly using .004" wire.

Wire EDM:  25° angle gear teeth within .0005".